Scotch Whisky At Its Best

We make our Whisky using ancient methods which were prevalent throughout the North West Highlands in the 19th century and earlier. Using these ancient methods means we only make our Loch Ewe Whisky in small batches to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved.

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John has used an ancient method for the design of his still. “We are using an alembic pot still which was used by the ancient Egyptians to produce perfumes and aromas as far back as 200BC. Around 200AD European monks were using this design of still to make pot ales and their fortified wines. That’s where the Aqua Vitae, the water of life, comes from.”
Drumchork Lodge Hotel at Aultbea is officially the Top Whisky Hotel in the world and has also won Top Whisky Bar in Scotland several times with its 700 single malts on the gantry.

From Loch Ewe To The World

We started off as a small batch whisky distillery over a decade ago and now ship our whisky all over the world. Throughout this period of growth we have stayed true our distillation process to provide a unique whisky experience.